Why did I choose design?

This is the question which I believe that every designer had faced while interviewing for different design positions. In response, we designers share our beautiful design journey.

Why did I choose design?
Why did you choose Design?

This is the question which I believe that every designer had faced while interviewing for different design positions. In response, we designers share our beautiful design journey.

And being a designer, be it a UX or an architect or whatever designer you are, this question actually really makes designers happy because this is the opportunity where we, designers get an opportunity to explain our journey of getting into this beautiful space of design and why we loved trying to design products that works.

So, today I would love to share my answer with the people who are interested in knowing how did I land here, in the so-called design world.

No 1. Design lies in between a Human and a Product

Whenever you ask a person, Why do you use this product more than any other product? They will just give you a simple answer, It is beautiful to use.

In other words, I can repeat that famous line of steve jobs, “Design is all about how it works”.

But for me, Design is more than about the working ability of a product.
When I say design lies in between a human and product I am trying to say that whenever companies start to build ideas they generally use their engineering teams to build a great product for the people out in the world and I am damn sure that their talented engineering teams could easily build one but whenever it is the case to build a great product for people to use beautifully, then they need a team of designers who not solves a complex great product but they include a human empathy in a product which makes a complex product, a people product.

The designers have the advantage to work in between the product building teams and product using people. Here, in this in-between space, most of the designers gets immense opportunities to get into the life of different people to understand their problems and try to bring solutions to make their life easier.

Most of other profession don't get this opportunity to connect with other people and get into their life. But being a designer, this could be possible. Moreover, if you are a UX designer, then you have to be close to the people.

And I love to be in that position where I could listen to people and their pain points constantly to get into their life and feel them so that I could improve their life by building a great product with different engineering teams.

That’s why I choose the design.

No 2. Deep Empathy for the Humans.

Why do we make a product?

We make products for the people to use.

How do we know whether they would use it or not?

By understanding them, by understanding their pain points, by understanding their life, deeply.

Who will do this?


Yes, It is the designer's job to understand humans so that they can help companies to build great products for other humans.

Being a designer, It is their job to understand humans at a deep level to know what troubles them in their life, What makes them happy and what are their needs and what kind of things they want in their life.

During the designing process, designer get opportunities to meet different people as they do user interviews, they spend time with other people and they listen to their stories and designers just love this phase as they don’t feel any kind of burden of doing a job instead designers feels like they are enjoying their life with knowing other people’s life stories.

Being an emotional person, I love connecting with people emotionally because I believe when you connect with people emotionally you got a lot of their views and questions too.

you got the listen real problems that they are facing and how they are living life without things that they can help them and then you get an opportunity to think about something valuable that can make their life easier. And I just love this.

That’s why I choose the design.

People ignore design that ignores people — Frank Chimero

No 3. Experiments, Experiments, and Experiments.

I think other than the psychology and research field, the design field is the other profession where we get a lot of chances to do different experiments and every experiment gives us a lot of insights, question and answers.

And I just love this chasing of questions and answers because sometimes this gives you an enormous amount of ideas that every day you feel like solving different problems and chasing different solutions.

I feel like when you get into the design space, experimenting becomes your power. The first thing when you see some problem you start experimenting and you don’t stop until you get a solution that works.

I always loved this kind of experimenting in my life and usually whenever I get a chance I use to experiment and when the experiment goes right, I feel like I have done something good and whenever it goes wrong, I just go with next experiment.

that's why I choose design.

No 4. Design solves problem

Finally, everybody knows that design is all about solving problems and design gives you tools which can help you in solving those problems.

I believe that If I say that only designer can solve problems then this will be a biased thing as engineers also solve problems but it is the designer who takes it first. Of course, most of the time both engineers and designers could solve great problem working together.

You know whenever someone’s got a problem, their next sentence is most probably this, “Design me a better solution”.

If I would be the most powerful person in the world, I would just replace the word Solution with Design.

These problem solving opportunities got me into design.

That’s why I choose Design.


So, these are some of the reason why did I choose. I know, there could be many different reasons for choosing design like having interest in art, sketching, painting but above all, solving problems for other humans really got me into the design and I would continue studying the problems of people so that I would be able to solve their problems and building something beautiful for making their life easier.

If you would like to share your design journey or what made you choose design, then I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.

Thanks for Reading.