A Product research template for new onboard UX designers, and teams.

A Product research template for new onboard UX designers, and teams.

Sometimes, when we designers join the new companies or startups, we were directly given the responsibility to design the best user experience for the products and one of the team members just explains us the problems of the product and take us through the whole product experience, they believe that this might be enough for us to solve the problems of the product. But, for us the UX designers, this is not enough.

When a new designer joins a company, he/she has very little knowledge of the company and the products it makes, until it is some big company. Sometimes, though, if it is a big company, then also, it becomes really important to completely understand the product you are going to work for. Because for the designers, the importance of knowing the problems of the products is as important as knowing the whole product and why the company is making such a product. But sometimes, what happens is, people in the team are so busy to tell you every single detail about the product that they miss the most important whys and whats of the product, and eventually, we would not be able to address the real problem of the product for the users.

So, it becomes really important as individuals to take responsibility to not just understand the product, instead, to be willing to ask questions to ourself and company to understand everything that we should be knowing of the company, product and the users. Because we can’t help solving the problems until we know everything. And one way to get the answers is to ask the right questions, and before asking the right questions, we need to have the questions.

I have faced this similar problem in my previous company, and to solve this problem, I have created a set of questions or I can say a template to ask the different question to myself and other members of the team and to different departments of the company so that I can be able to learn more about the product than the product manager and the CEO and be able to solve the problems of the product.

So, I just wanted to share that document with the people who might need it and I wish, It might help the new and young designers, as it helped me to get the information I  needed before starting to work for that product.


Please note that this document is not user research or UX research template. These are the list of questions that an individual can ask themselves or can find answers for.

The complete template is based on the general terms and questions, it is not inclined to any side like a Business analyst or UX researcher or any specific domain, this template can be used by any person who is willing to understand the product, its users and its vision.

Also, once you have documented and gather all the answers, then this document can be shared with all the team members so that along with you, they could also understand the product better and together you can solve the problems of the products and design a user experience that your stakeholders and users love.

This document is not fully complete, I am still working on it and I ask all of the people who are interested to help me in adding more important and necessary questions so that in the end we can make it a complete and usable template for the designers, and product teams.

If you have any suggestions, questions or any kind of thing you want to say, you can email me at [email protected].

Below is the link for the google doc document.


Sharing some similar resources to let you help in researching about the users, stakeholders and products.

Thanks for reading.