Hard work! And Why you should do it in your way.

“You know, Elon Musk is working 16 hours a day, So why should not you?” I think this is the statement that every second person gives you when you feel demotivated and thinks of a power nap after some intense work.

Hard work! And Why you should do it in your way.
“You know, Elon Musk is working 16 hours a day, So why should not you?”

I think this is the statement that every second person gives you when you feel demotivated and thinks of a power nap after some intense work. I don’t have anything negative about this statement, I also like to work 10 hours of day and more if there is a need. And the people who aspires to become entrepreneurs and want to build startups into big companies need to work harder and harder, but the way they think about the hard work is sometimes wrong because when they are working hard they are just comparing their hard work with another famous person and when they don’t get results they feel like they are doing something wrong and eventually feel demotivated and left behind.

So today I am going to talk about the hard work and why we should be doing in our way rather than just following some other person’s work principles.

Choose your role model wisely

You know what most of the young entrepreneurs are doing wrong, they choose an entrepreneur who is much hyped by media communities, and next day they go through their wikipedia pages and read all about them and then they feel motivated and they just want to do things like that person & want to achieve what they have achieved and next day they start working 12 hours a day without any productivity and efficiency. But the problem comes when they realize that working 12 hours of day just like that person, is not showing any results and they feel depressed and then from the next day they increase the number of work hours by 2 affecting their health and body just to show and prove oneself that they can outwork those people and they will become like them one day and achieve things that they have achieved.

Most of the young entrepreneurs thinks like this, They think like elon musk is working so hard and he is running five companies, Warren Buffet is 3rd richest person by just investing money in the companies, Justin Bieber is taking millions for one night show and they are earning so much just by putting efforts and this is where most of the young entrepreneurs got wrong. They never think about how these people have got their and how many years of work they had put in their craft and what they were doing in their 20s and 30s.

Work like Elon Musk..

You know I also love doing work and I don't any issue with any person who is doing a lot of work, I respect them and feel happy as at least they are putting hours into work but at the same time I feel bad when they start comparing their life with Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Justin Bieber, because when these people were starting up, things were different, there were different circumstances and they have different responsibilities and also they have a different culture, So if you are following and just copying how these people were doing things then, you might not achieve what they have achieved and moreover, there might come moments when you lose things and could not be able to work and then you feel like ohh shit, I am not working enough but I want to tell you that you are working enough but you are comparing your results with the results of these big people. You are 22 and warren buffet is 85 and you are comparing your life with Warren Buffet, which is totally wrong and makes no sense.

When young entrepreneur thinks like this way, They start wanting things overnight and they just become impatient and lose just early in the game.

You can choose not to be in Robin Sharma’s 5 AM Club

I am just a big fan of Robin Sharma and his mastery session, I just love watching his series,Recently He has just published his new book, 5 AM Club. Robin Sharma is a big supporter of getting up 5 in the morning and spending your next 1 hour productively, and a lot of people have created life changing experiences from getting up 5 in the morning and there are people who are also waking up 5 in the morning but they feel tired and sleepy in their most productive hours of the day because getting up 5 in the morning is not their way of doing great work, they are more productive in late nights, they have better thoughts in the night but still they try to wake up at 5 in the morning and messing up their life. So don’t wake up in the morning just because Robin Sharma is saying and he is your role model, though, I respect and love Robin Sharma, rather just work the time when you are most productive because that’s the time your work has worth.


You can work only 7 hours and still be successful, you can stay with your family and still be successful, you can travel once a week and still be successful because you are different and things which you want to achieve are different and following other’s work ethics and principle might not give you things which you want. So I just want to tell you that don’t follow just how they did the things, instead just follow why they did the things they had done and what was their life structure when they were starting up and working hard to build something. You need to work hard, but in your way, you need to find a way how you can work hard without harming your mind, health and the people you love.

I have one extra advice for the people working hard, and that is, to work everyday, you must have a bigger purpose in the life and you know that it would take years to achieve, and then you just have to do something small everyday that would add into your bigger purpose.

Don’t just follow how Chinese, US, Indian or any other country people are working, Find your way and work hard in your own way.

Get a purpose, and work each day to the fullest.